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MUELLER LAW is held in high regard throughout the country for its skill and success in representing plaintiffs within the niche practice of class action litigation.

Class actions seek to resolve a wide variety of commercial disputes. These include litigation to benefit shareholders, based on a company’s failure to disclose information about the company’s financial condition. Securities and antitrust violations are also often the subject of class action litigation. This sort of litigation is frequently used for claims of injury from defective products , such pharmaceutical products and dangerous drugs, defective machinery, tools, motor vehicle defects, toys and electronics.

If you believe you may have cause for a class action suit, please contact Mueller Law for a free consultation. We have had success with numerous class action cases. In addition, The MUELLER LAW practice has expanded in recent years to include class action litigation involving business transactions, fraud, products liability, pharmaceutical liability, oil and gas disputes, intellectual property disputes, and whistleblower claims.

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Mueller Law specializes

in Class Action Law and serves Austin, Houston, Atlanta and Philadelphia